Having A Band And Capitalizing On It

If you manage a band or if you are a part of a band, you may be looking for gigs and spending your days hunting for them. You may even work a full-time job and play in the band during the weekends. Either way, you may be looking for ways to make money with your talent. Read on for a few time-tested and successful methods of how you can do so.

Playing at Hotels

If your band is any good, you can book hotel gigs and be paid a reasonable amount for playing for two hours a day or even once a week. The trick is to book the right hotels. Since the hospitality industry is constantly looking for novelty, it is quite likely that hotel managers will be interested in changing up their music segment once in a while. You have to keep an eagle eye out for vacancies and send demos of your songs to those in charge. Even if a hotel is not hiring musicians, you can send them your tracks so that they will think of you if they need anything.

Playing at Special Occasions

People love music, and at any event that they host, they will want music there. Advertising yourself as a band that plays at any event will help you book vast varieties of gigs all over the spectrum. You can book gigs and perform as wedding musicians, a birthday party band and many more. It all depends on how you present yourself and how good you at networking. If you’re relatively serious about making a living, try hiring an agent to handle your gigs for you. Or else, you can try your hand at it yourself, so as to not have to bear an extra cost of paying your agent. Visit this link https://www.bennyhannamusic.com/weddings-packages/ for more info on wedding musicians Noosa.


No matter how good you are at music, you have to be equally good at showcasing your talents and spreading the word among the right crowds to gain recognition. For example, advertising yourself as wedding entertainment Brisbane at hotels and at gigs that you book can help you gain high profile customers who aren’t fussy about payment rates. You can also play gigs at random events and leave a few business cards for circulation there. If people are impressed by your performance, there is no doubt that they will think of you when the need arises for them to hire a band to play.

At the end of the day, it is all about your image, which your collective talents need to be backed up by. It doesn’t matter if you have not been “in the game” long enough, what matters is that you do your duty and play well at any events that you book, and the success will follow soon after.